Eating and drinking while looking at the skyline of London is definitely one of the best experiences that the capital city of England can offer! There is a great number of sky and rooftop restaurants everywhere around London, so we decided to pay a visit to some of them and thus create a list of the top sky or rooftop restaurants of London. When one has a lunch or a dinner at one of these places, he is, in most of the cases, able to see all the major attractions of the city – like the St. Paul’s Cathedral, the Shard skyscraper, the London Eye, and many other famous buildings and constructions. But let’s not forget that the view itself is not the only good thing about these places – above all, they serve the most delicious food, offering dishes of famous world cuisines, like the French, Chinese, Italian, or the British cuisine. There might be some more elegant restaurants in the city on the ground level, but we prefer eating our meals while, at the same time, having a breathtaking view of Britain’s largest city. These are, in our opinion, the top sky or rooftop restaurants in London:

1.Darwin Brasserie


Let’s start off the list by taking a look at the Darwin Brasserie which can be found on the 36the floor of the building on the Fenchurch Street – the view of London from this place is simply spectacular! The restaurant overlooks the Thames, guaranteeing the guests to have a nice view of some major attractions, and the other good things about the Darwin Brasserie are the affordable prices and the friendly staff. It is definitely a place worth visiting.

Address: EC3M 3BY / at the Fenchurch Street (20)

2. Radio Rooftop Bar


The next restaurant on our list would be the Radio Rooftop Bar, which can be found at the attractive ME hotel, on the 10th floor of the building. This place was opened just a few years ago and the great things about are the spectacular view of the city (the restaurant overlooks the famous Strand), as well as easy access – the guests can get there by using the dedicated lift. It’s not easy to find a restaurant that is as comfortable as this one – there are blankets and patio heaters.

Address: WC2R 1HA / at the Strand (336)

3. Ting


Like some other restaurants on our list, the Ting is also located in the largest of all London skyscrapers – the Shard, on the 35th floor. This would be the main restaurant of the luxurious Shangri-La hotel, offering the guests of the hotel (and other customers) to have their meals served next to the large windows that have the most spectacular view of the city. And when it comes to food, the Ting serves a fine combination of European and Asian meals.

Address: SE1 9QU / at the St. Thomas Street (31)

4. Frank’s


This is one of the most artistic places to eat in London, and you’ll see why the moment you come in. Frank’s can be found in the London district of Peckham (Only Fools and Horses, anyone?), on the 10th floor of the large building that’s situated on the Rye Lane. This eatery is opened only in the summer, and it’s no wonder why – it overlooks the part of London that’s filled with the beautiful green trees, and eating here during the winter simply wouldn’t be as good.

Address: SE15 4ST / at the Rye Lane (95A)

5. Galvin at the Windows


if you want to have a meal while looking at the most beautiful of the London’s Royal parks, you should definitely pay a visit to the Galvin at the Windows. This place can be found at the Park Lane, which automatically means that the guests will have the spectacular view of the Hyde Park while at the same time being able to choose from the extensive menu of the best French dishes, as the Galvin at the Windows specializes in the French cuisine.

Address: W1K 1BE / at the Park Lane (22)

6. Oblix


Just like the Ting, this place is also located inside the Shard skyscraper, offering the guests yet another view of London’s skyline. One thing that really surprised us here is the overall American theme of the eatery, as the Oblix tries (and succeeds) to imitate those well-known restaurants of Manhattan. The big brunch menu that we ordered was around 60 pounds, and we even got the champagne in the end. You will certainly love this place – be sure to pay it a visit!

Address: SE1 9RY / at the St. Thomas Street (31)

7. City Social


One of the top rooftop and sky restaurants in London, the City Social serves a very fine selection of dishes, all of which are created by using only the best of the seasonal ingredients. The City Social is located inside the NatWest Tower, on the 24th floor, overlooking London and giving the guests an opportunity to eat in their beautiful Art Deco interior. Almost everything about this place is great, and we would definitely recommend it both to Londoners and to tourists.

Address: EC2N 1HQ / at the Old Broad Street (25)

8. Hutong


This is where we come to the third restaurant that can be found inside the Shard – the Hutong, which, as the name suggests, serves the best meals of the Chinese cuisine, like the well-known roasted Beijing duck. It can be found on the 33rd floor of this large building offering the guests to eat in the interior that simply looks stunning – there are red lanterns, some interesting ornament decorations and, of course, the huge windows that look at London’ skyline.

Address: SE1 / at the St. Thomas Street (31)

9. The Dock Kitchen


This place can be found at the Portobello Dock, overlooking the Grand Union Canal – this might sound pretty boring, but believe us, the view is stunning! Located at Ladbroke Grove, the Dock Kitchen is famous for serving some of the best dishes of the so-called Modern European menu, but there are also the themed menus, like the Mexican one. What we really liked here is the very attentive staff, as well as the very relaxed atmosphere, perfect for a nice dinner.

Address: W10 5BU / at the Ladbroke Grove (342)

10. Duck & Waffle


You really shouldn’t come here if you’re afraid of heights – the Duck & Waffle is located all the way up on the 40th floor of the famous Heron Tower, providing the customers with the breathtaking view of the city – we definitely want to go back there just because of that. And when it comes to food, the Duck & Waffle serves the guests with both British and European meals, which in combination with the view gives us one of the greatest places for eating in the city.

Address: EC2N 4AY / at the Bishopsgate (110)

11. Min Jiang


Yet another Chinese restaurant on our list, the Min Jiang, is located at Royal Garden Hotel, being situated on the 10the floor of the building. This hotel is, by the way, situated on the Kensington High Street, and the Min Jian features one truly pleasant atmosphere, as the guests who eat here can take a good look at the Hyde Park, as well as to have a taste of the best traditional Chinese meals – you have to try the Beijing duck here!

Address: W8 4PT / at the Kensington High Street (2)

12. Aqua


This particular restaurant is, like the Ting, Oblix, and the Hutong, located in the famous Shard skyscraper. The greatest thing about this place is, as expected, the magnificent view of the city, but we should also mention that the Aqua restaurant also offers the customers some truly good dishes of the English cuisine, like various sausages and grills. There are also some cocktails to try here, and when we combine this with the 31st floor view, we get a good choice for dining out.

Address: SE1 9RY, St / at the Thomas Street (31)

13. Alfies’s Rooftop Restaurant


The last of the top rooftop and sky London restaurant is the Alfies’s Rooftop Restaurant, which can be found only a few minutes of walking away from the Marylebone station, along the Church Street (which has a very vibrant street market). Upon entering the building, the guests can go to the third floor and discover one beautiful, contemporary restaurant that has a panoramic view of the city that serves all sorts of global dishes, home-made cakes, and all sorts of beverages.

Address: NW8 8DT / at the Church Street (13)