There are a lot of things that can kill you, and stress is one of them. Whether you work in a stressful office environment or you’re into some hard physical field work, relaxation after a hard day of work is vital in order to keep your mind as well as your body steady and calm. If you’re on that’s looking for a way to help you relax, the top leisure clubs located in London have pretty much everything that you need. You have a lot of options when it comes to a big city like London which is why we have composed a list consisting of the places that you can let your mind wander located in this world capital. These leisure clubs are going to provide you with an experience that will relax everything from your muscles to your mind and they will leave you in a calm Zen-like state that will help you get through another week of hard work in a stress-filled environment. Whether you’re up for a massage in oil from a professional masseuse, a swim in some of the finest swimming pools in London, or a simple sauna experience that will open up your pores and leave you feeling young, everything can be found in London’s top leisure clubs!

  1. Tiller Leisure Center

When it comes to a full service, it doesn’t get much better than the Tiller Leisure Center! This place, found at the Isle of the Dogs, is just about perfect for anyone looking to spend a day of relaxation. It offers many classes that include everything from yoga to women-only classes, as well as high end exercising equipment and a 25-meter pool that is marvelous! It also has a kid area which will most definitely leave your children excited and pumped!


Visiting Address: Tiller Road, Docklands, London, E14 8PX

  1. Britannia Leisure Center

As far as leisure centers go, it doesn’t get much better than the Britannia Leisure Club! It’s on a great spot giving you the perfect opportunity to enjoy a great place without the bother of going out of town and finding something worth visiting. It has some of the best exercising equipment topped off with an amazing gym as well as a swimming pool. It’s fitted with training programs in which your kids can learn how to swim, among other healthy activities.


Visiting Address: 40 Hyde Road, London, N1 5JU

  1. Barnet Copthall Leisure Club

If swimming is your niche, then the Barnet Copthall complex is going to be the perfect fit for your leisure fueled needs! A place that has been a part of the Olympic games since the 1980s, the Barnet Copthall leisure club is an extraordinary venue if you’re looking to take swimming seriously. It has a variety of classes in which your kids can learn all about the joys of swimming and participate in various competitions if they are talented in that area.


Visiting Address: Champions Way, Hendon, London, NW4 1PX

  1. Downham Health And Fitness Center

There is no doubt that the Downham Health and Fitness Center is one of the finest places of its kind in London. It has over a hundred pieces of exercising equipment in its gym which is more than enough to get the ball rolling. Whether you’re looking for some relaxation in the pool, or even if you are in need of a tough training, this venue has everything that you can imagine to cater your needs. A lot of sports and a lot of fun make up this addition to the Top Leisure Clubs in London.


Visiting Address: 7-9 Moorside Road, Downham, London, BR1 5EP

  1. Leyton Leisure Center

With a membership fee that comes around a monthly sum of twenty pounds, the Leyton Leisure Club is more than worth its price! You have everything built for a family workout in this wonderful venue. Fitted with a wonderful pool as well as one for kids where they can learn to swim and take various lessons as well as some outstanding equipment for a workout session, it’s an amazing place where you can work out as well as relax in an aquatic environment.


Visiting Address: 763, High Road, Leyton, London, E10 5AB

  1. Clapham Leisure Club

Giving you the opportunity to indulge in a lot of different types of sporty activities, the Clapham Leisure Club is a place that is new to the game but definitely worth a visit. In this leisure club you will find everything from badminton and basketball courts, but it is most famous for its indoor football court. It offers around 52 classes every week which means that if you join this club you won’t be left without something interesting to do.


Visiting Address: 141. Clapham Manor Street, Lambeth, London, SW4 6DB

  1. Talacre Community Sports Center

Open to everybody that wishes to enjoy its wonderful benefits, the Talacre Sports Center which is run by the council of Camden, is a place that is one of the finest venues of its kind in London. They offer a clean fun filled time along with an amazing sports hall and some incredibly helpful staff members which are friendly to all visitors. It’s open until 10pm on the weekdays which gives the working class an opportunity to unwind after a long day of hard work.


Visiting Address: Dalby Street, Kentish Town, London, NW5 3AF

  1. Marshall Street Leisure Center

Once a run-down building, the Marshall Street Leisure Club has gone through an amazing eleven million pound investment, which transformed it into one of the most beautiful and breathtaking leisure centers in London. Fitted with a large gym and a beautiful indoor swimming pool, this place has everything you need whether you’re looking for a hard workout or just somewhere to relax and lay back. It’s a part of the Top Leisure Clubs in London for a good reason!


Visiting Address: 15 Marshall Street, London, W1F 7EL

  1. The Pavilion

It’s important to stay in good shape in order to feel good about yourself. Feeling physically good will leave you feeling good overall, this is the philosophy, which the staff at The Pavilion think is necessary in order to achieve a happy life! This gym is outfitted with everything from an indoor swimming pool, some great fitness classes which will help you work up a good sweat, to an exciting bowling center if you’re just looking for a good time with your friends.


Visiting Address: Kentish Way, Bromley, Kent, London, BR1 3EF

  1. Waterfront Leisure Center

Boasting everything from group exercises to state of the art indoor gyms and swimming pools, the Waterfront Leisure Center has everything an individual in need of a workout or some relaxation is seeking. Whether you’ve had an intense day at work and wish to go out for a swim, or you’re looking to get your summer body ready before that trip out of town, this facility has more than enough to offer you and help you reach your goal, whatever it may be!



Visiting Address: Woolwich High Street, London, SE18 6DL

  1. London County Hall Club And Spa

A rather luxurious addition to the list of the top leisure clubs in London, the London County Hall Club and Spa has just about everything one needs to enjoy himself. Some of the most beautiful indoor swimming pools can be found at this club as well as an amazing spa that will leave you relaxed to the point of falling asleep. If you’re looking for swimming lessons or a simple relaxation session. the London County Hall Club And Spa is perfect for your needs!


Visiting Address: Westminster Bridge Road, London, SE1 7PB