Many people from all around the world travel to the UK and London in order to make new business deals, and this is especially true in the modern internet age. Everyday there are numerous start-ups emerging throughout the world, and it’s in major cities such as London where the biggest and most important ones happen. The top 10 business meeting places in London offer the intimacy and facilities needed for people to get together and discuss their future business plans. Some of these meeting places in London are quite exclusive and expensive, but don’t worry, there are others which are far more affordable for people with small businesses. It’s no rare to see meetings in restaurants and high-end bars, but more and more people are renting out spaces that are purposefully made for such business events and meetings. In the financial sector London is arguably one of the most important players in the world, so it’s no wonder that massive deals and opportunities are available in the city. Investors never shy away from a good idea, and who knows what entrepreneur will make his big break in one of these London meeting places. Business conferences are another use for these venues.


  1. Emirates Stadium

Emirates Stadium1

Football fans around the world would give anything to be able to visit Arsenal’s grounds, but what most people don’t know is that they do have facilities that are available for business meetings and such. The stadium offers plenty of boardrooms, and even a theatre. Other than that, it boasts everything needed for a successful and productive meeting or business conference. The price of on single session at the Emirates Stadium costs roughly 2000 pounds, but it would probably be money well spent.

Visiting address: Hornsey Road, London, N7 7AJ


  1. The O2 Workshop

The O2 Workshop 2

When it comes to conference venues in London at the moment, the O2 is one of the most popular. It’s situated in the heart of the city, which means it will most probably be the perfect meeting place for businesses and individuals. The venue has all of the high-end technology that is expected today, which makes it an ideal place for IT conferences. It’s possible hiring the venue for private events, but it’s by far the most suitable for seminars and similar conferences.


  1. The HMS President 1918

The HMS President3

If you’re looking for a unique venue for your future business meetings or conferences, then you should definitely check out the HMS President. If the organizers also hire the butlers for their events, all of the sudden it becomes a seriously luxurious venue. On the boat there are a total of 50 rooms, with each boardroom having the capacity to hold eighteen people. Renting spaces in a boat sounds expensive doesn’t it? But it actually costs just fifty pounds per hour.

Visiting address: Victoria Embankment, London, EC4Y 0JH


  1. The London Zoo

The London Zoo4

While it might sound strange, the fact is that the meeting rooms in the city’s Zoo are some of the best around. People and companies who opt to use the services of the London Zoo directly help the conservation of endangered animals. If you’re looking to organize a conference or meeting up to thirty people, the London zoo might be the perfect venue for you. People at the conference will also receive a pass for the zoo itself, and sessions here are fairly cheap, with sessions costing around 70 pounds.

Visiting address: Regent’s Park, London, NW1 4RY


  1. The Gherkin

The Gherkin 5

The beautiful Chivas Dining room is situated on the 38th floor of the stunning Gherkin building. As you’d expect, the views of the city from 180 meters off the ground are absolutely tremendous. This is partly why it’s one of the most popular business meeting venues in the city. The boardroom can seat up to 26 people, and we have to say that the service is world-class, with the food being a particular high point.

Visiting address: 30 St Mary Axe, London, EC3A 8EP


  1. Lord’s Cricket Ground

Lords Cricket Ground6

If by any chance you’re organizing a meeting with cricket fans, then there’s no better place in London than at the Lord’s. The Tavern Rooms here are hosts to dozens of events each year, and it’s a wonderful venue indeed. The rooms themselves can hold up to thirty people. It’s unique but also very functional with no bells and whistles. The big selling point here is the fact that it’s located at one of the UK’s most iconic stadium, and you have to appreciate it.

Visiting address: St John’s Wood Road, London, NW8 8QN


  1. Museum of Brands and Advertising

Museum of Brands and Advertising7

Are you a marketing person looking for a meeting place? In that case what better venue than the Museum of Brands and Advertising. The conference room is fairly large, comfortable, and functional. As a result it’s a marvelous venue for smaller get-togethers. The floors are made out of artificial grass, the windows are massive floor to ceiling ones. The vintage and old school advertising fliers and posters should definitely inspire a more business feel to your meeting or conference. Sessions cost roughly 900 pounds for each session.

Visiting address: 111-117 Lancaster Rd, London, W11 1QT


  1. Admiral’s House

Admirals House8

Located in the Old Royal Naval College is the Admiral’s House, which is by far the oldest building on the site. It’s a popular venue, because it’s bound to score some extra points with associates or business partners. Unlike some venues on the list, this one isn’t cheap at all. Sessions can cost up to 2500 pounds. It’s fairly close to the center of London, but be prepared for a thirty minute trip to the Naval College.

Visiting address: Old Royal Navy College, Greenwich, London, SE10 9NN


Shakespeare’s Globe

Shakespeares Globe9

The Shakespeare’s Globe is one of London’s most popular theatres and attractions, but we’d like to point out that their Balcony room is one of the top business meeting venues as well. Due to its historical importance and cultural significance, this one is hard to beat. What people can always expect of this place is world-class service, and the location is a major plus. The venue has the ability to host conferences for up to 120 people.

Visiting address: 21 New Globe Walk, Bankside, London, SE1 9DT


  1. The Invisible Dot

The Invisible Dot 10

Unlike the Admiral’s House, there is absolutely nothing posh or luxurious about the Invisible Dot. This is not the place for established business people from the financial sector. However, it’s ideal for small businesses looking to organize their event. An hour costs only fifteen pounds, and you really can’t argue with that! Its location is a huge plus as well, as it sits right in the center of Kings Cross. For anyone who is on a budget, it doesn’t get better than this.

Visiting address: 20 Northdown St, London, N1 9BG